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Organic Coconut Teriyaki Sauce

Size 250ml

Jimalie Organic Coconut Teriyaki Sauce is a fusion of our original Coconut Aminos and Coconut Nectar, infused with aromatic spices. Perfect for Asian-style dishes, this soy-free Teriyaki Sauce is derived from the nutrient-dense sap extracted from coconut blossoms.

This plant-based extract is naturally low GI and contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals including 17 amino acids, B vitamins, and Vitamin C. Jimalie Coconut Teriyaki Sauce is rich in flavour, delivering the perfect blend of savoury, sweet and salty, while being free from cane sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, MSG and artificial flavours. It’s also vegan and 100% organic. 

Ingredients: Organic coconut vinegar, organic coconut nectar, organic ginger, organic onion, organic garlic, organic cayenne pepper. Australian Certified Organic.

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