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MCT Oil Powder with Acacia Fibre

Size 250g

Jimalie MCT oil powder delivers a natural boost of energy while supporting a healthy digestive system.

A clean source of fuel for the body and brain, Jimalie MCT oil powder is comprised of 70% MCT oil, derived from coconut, and 30% prebiotic acacia fibre, a soluble fibre that is known to promote good bacteria. MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides found in coconut oil, are efficiently used by the body for energy production.

MCTs are processed by the body in a different way to other fats as they go directly to your liver, where they are converted into ketones- the fuel source your body produces when it burns fat for fuel.

Jimalie MCT oil powder contains Caprylic acids C8 and C10. MCT oil powder containing C8 and C10 are the best because your body most easily converts those into ketones, rapidly metabolised so not stored as fat. Light enough to throw in your gym bag or pack on your travels, Jimalie MCT oil powder is a convenient way to add more ketones to your diet, wherever you go.

Virtually tasteless, simply add to food or easily mix into drinks.

Keto, Paleo and Vegan friendly. Gluten-free, Palm oil-free, Additive-free, low in calories. From sustainably sourced coconuts.

We offer two variants, MCT Oil powder with Acacia fibre and MCT Oil powder with Acacia fibre and Collagen.


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