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Cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Jimalie virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed, unrefined, not deodorized or bleached. Our cold-pressed oil is distinctive of its rich coconutty aroma, smooth creamy consistency, and subtly sweet flavour. Made from only quality handpicked, healthy, organic certified coconuts, requiring only 2 hours between husking the coconut and bottling the pure oil. The result compliments Jimalie’s commitment to providing only high-quality coconut products, oil where you can see, feel, and taste the freshness!

How do you use Virgin Coconut Oil?

Virgin Coconut Oil can be used in many ways. As the oil contains Medium Chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) that have a direct positive impact on the body’s health, it is generally used for food consumption or application on the skin. It is most popular as cooking oil as it has a high smoke point. It can also be consumed as a daily supplement – 3 teaspoons daily is recommended. Please note that if you are new to taking the oil, we recommend one teaspoon per day and see how your body reacts over time. Coconut Oil is also used as a skin lotion and eye-makeup remover.

To find out the difference between Centrifuge (Cold Processed) and Expeller (Cold Pressed) extraction methods please read here.

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