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Sustainable Farming

Our team ensures that at every stage of the way we follow environmentally friendly practices that actively promote the substantiality of the environment our farmers live in. We take it a step further by choosing where we can environmentally friendly packaging materials, making the entire product not only good for you but for the environment and do our little part to contribute to the quality of life for future generations.

Community Development

Our team is committed to supporting the community where we operate and are involved in process, structural and educational development. We are proud to be a brand that contributes to the livelihood of your family and the coconut farming communities of rural Davao Philippines.

Social Responsibility

Our team ensures that we operate legally and ethically, backing fair trade where we can within the community. We support employing only local villagers in production, and sourcing the coconuts from local farmers within 40 kilometres of our production facility. Transparency of our whole supply chain forms the foundation of our business, ensuring we work in a fair manner whilst guaranteeing we can monitor the quality of our product.

Our Team

Jimalie has been driven by our amazing team, family members and the wellness community, who share our passion for delivering the highest quality product, and belief in a fair deal for all.

We have a deep family connection to the land and have personal relationships with everyone involved in getting the product to you. Ensuring we are close to nature, encourages us to embrace life and the Coconut Tree, the “Tree of Life” reminds us that health is not a choice we make but a lifestyle we live by.

The team at Jimalie is dedicated to health and wellbeing with a deep respect for each other and our environment. We know that the best way to look after yourself is through a healthy lifestyle, so we offer simple, pure and healthy coconut products to support you.

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