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Organic Coconut Sugar

2 reviews

Sweet taste of tropical paradise

Jimalie’s 100% all-natural Organic Coconut Sugar is a nutritious and great tasting alternative to table sugar. Our Coconut Sugar is a rich, golden brown in color and an all-natural sweetener used to sweeten any of your favorite beverages, sauces, or homemade dishes. Most people who use Coconut Sugar use it as a direct replacement for white, refined sugar in their recipes.

Great taste - no chemicals, no additives & no artificial flavoring

The way we make Coconut Sugar is simple. Jimalie Coconut Sugar is made from a special variety of coconut nectar that drips from cut flower buds, using a process that is 100% natural, sustainable, and organic. The careful preparation is a true labor of love. The nectar is collected each morning and gently boiled in a controlled environment before allowing it to cool until a solidified rich caramel brown consistency is obtained. The process is pure with no additives and no artificial flavoring, resulting in a delicious, gluten-free natural sweetener that you will truly enjoy.

A healthier nutritious alternative to table sugar…

Unlike highly processed refined sugar, such as white cane sugar, our minimal processing means that more of the vitamins and minerals found in the coconut are retained. With a naturally low GI (Glycemic Index) every spoonful of this exotic product is rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamins, and amino acids.

We love to use our Coconut sugar for: 

  1. Cookies, cakes, puddings, and pies
  2. Sweetening coffee, tea, or homemade sauces.
  3. A homemade body scrub (2 parts Jimalie coconut sugar to 1 part Jimalie coconut oil)

For recipe ideas using our Coconut Sugar, make sure to check out our recipes page here and under categories look up ‘coconut sugar’

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    In my pantry

    Can't go past Jimalie coconut coconut sugar!! They're the staple in my raspberry coconut loaf and the perfect accompaniment in my sweet potato and carrot mash!

    Chris P.
    Something different

    Love the Organic Coconut Sugar! I made Banana Bread with it, it was delicious and added something a little different to the flavour.

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