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Chocolate coated peanut dates

Chocolate coated peanut dates

These chocolate coated peanut butter filled dates are the perfect little treat when you need to satisfy that sweet craving. The bitterness of the chocolate creates a perfectly balanced bite sized simple pleasure.

Remove seed from medjool dates and fill with approx ½ tsp of peanut butter in each date. Place Medjool dates in freezer while preparing chocolate. Melt butter, cacao powder, nectar and coconut oil together.  Mix in other ingredients until well combined.

Prepare a wire rack with a lined tray. Remove dates from freezer and using a skewer/tooth pick of fork place dates in chocolate (one at a time) and place on wire rack. There will be left over chocolate, pour over each date (I managed to cover them two more times). If there is a small amount of melted chocolate left, use a fork to drizzle over dates to create different patterns.

Leave in fridge for an hour or two to set. *Chocolate may stick to wire rack a little when set. *Also tastes delicious replacing peanut butter with tahini or almond butter from Yummee Gluten Free.


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