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Try this delicious classic Filipino dish with a twist! We have added organic coconut milk to complement the rich flavours of spices and tender pork, served well with steamed rice.

From the Visayan region of the Philippines comes this ‘ceviche’ style dish served at casual gatherings or makes the perfect appetiser.

Try this delicious gluten free and dairy free, smooth salted coconut caramel. Made using only 4 ingredients, quick and easy.
Tapsilog ~ a very popular Filipino breakfast dish that tastes great any time of day. I have some fond memories of tapsilog from my early 20s in the Philippines, partying the night away and tapsilog being my hang over cure! Oh how times have changed
These chocolate coated peanut butter filled dates are the perfect little treat when you need to satisfy that sweet craving.
Chicken Adobo is probably one of the best-known Filipino dishes out there! The beauty of Adobo is that every family has their own way of making it. 

Enjoy one of the most famous Filipino dishes loved the world over for its creamy, tender, unique taste, with a perfect amount of heat to awaken your taste buds!

Mushrooms are quite often referred to as meat for vegetarians. They are also one of the best sources of savoury umami flavour.



These bliss balls will become an absolute favourite in your household. Perfect with your morning cuppa, a mid afternoon pick me up or as a sweet treat in your kid’s lunch box. GF DF VGN RSF

The ultimate indulgent treat that is deliciously rich and deeply satisfying. This ganache is silky smooth, creamy and decadent. 



A simple yet effective go-to protein hit after a gym session to help stimulate muscle protein synthesis and improve overall recovery.

A simple and cost efficient yet nutritious meal. Served with a side plate of salad and a small serve of basmati rice fir the family to enjoy.

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