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Centrifuge Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction Process

Centrifuge Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction Process


Centrifuge Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction Process

Jimalie Organic Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts, requiring only 2 hours between husking the coconut and bottling the oil. Our FairTrade process begins where the coconuts are organically grown and is followed right through to the end product in your hand. Our unique centrifuge extraction method, is a chemical-free and low-temperature process which preserves the live enzymes, lauric acid, and all the other immune system building nutrients, delivering a product closest to the raw coconut oil as it appears in nature.

Step 1:  Monitor, Hand Picked and De-Husked

We monitor each individual coconut for harvest at the perfect moment. Each coconut is individually hand picked within close proximity of the factory, manually de- husked on site and shelled within 2 hours.

Step 2: Coconut meat extracted

Once the coconut meat is extracted from its shell we immediately use a simple grate- grinding mechanism to extract the milk. Once the coconut is shelled, it takes less than 45 minutes to produce the milk.

Step 3:  The Centrifuge

The Centrifuge is basically a fine spun technique. The coconut milk is spun in a series of centrifuges (spinning barrels) to separate the oil from the water components of the milk, before isolating the fresh, clear and thin pure Virgin Coconut oil.

Step 4: Drying

A slight vacuum dries the oil to remove any remaining traces of moisture, ensuring a longer shelf life and to reduce oxidisation. 

Step 5: Final Filtration and Quality Testing

Once all moisture is removed, the oil goes through a series of fine filters before being tested onsite to confirm freshness and quality.


Centrifuge Virgin Coconut oil

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