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Is Virgin Coconut Oil good for Gut health?

Is Virgin Coconut Oil good for Gut health?

Here are 8 best Foods to Eat That Are Good For Your Gut Health.

Your gut, though sometimes neglected, is a very important part of your health and overall homeostasis of your body. This is where the bodies main nutrients pass through from the food you eat after which, will be absorbed to be used in order to create balance in your body. With its significant function, it is therefore necessary to keep it healthy and one way to do this is to choose foods that are gut-friendly. Which simply means, choose foods that allow the healthy bacteria living in it, to thrive. The balance of good bacteria in your gut determines your overall health and balance in your body. Listed below are suggested foods that will surely contribute and give you a healthier gut:


Topping the list is raw unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil. With its anti-microbial attributes, it can ward off harmful pathogens that may have entered your gastrointestinal tract. Its medium chain fatty acids are easier to breakdown compared to other oils in your diet. (more information about MCT's here)This means that it can be easily digested without requiring too much strain on your gut. Virgin Coconut Oil has anti-inflammatory properties making it a very good choice for patients with Crohn's disease and other gastrointestinal ailments.


These too help reduce inflammation in digestive tract linings by directly targeting harmful microorganism that are causing the trouble (bad bacteria). Often it is recommended by medical practitioners to relieve a cramp stomach and even achy muscles because of its high potassium and magnesium content.


Natural yogurt contains probiotics which are good for your optimum health. These probiotics lodge in your gut, which later on enters your blood systems and contributes to balance in your body. Including it in your daily diet does wonders in promoting a healthier gut and a jacked-up immune system.


Regular intake of coconut milk is a sure hit in providing hydration to your gut as it is loaded with electrolytes and healthy fats. It helps in promoting regular bowel movement as well as a cleaner tract.


Cottage cheese and cheddar's contain probiotics that are almost similar to those found in yogurt. Researches has shown that the probiotics found in certain cheeses can balance out your gut flora. However, be reminded that this should be taken in moderation because of its high fat content.


Including a wide variety of foods that are rich in fiber is a great way to “nourish” the good bacteria in your digestive system. These foods also help in sweeping your gut. Green veggies, fruits and whole grains are just examples of foods that contain ample amounts of fiber.


Just like you, a species of good gut bacteria called 'Bifidobacterium' loves to eat chocolate, well to be exact Cocoa. As a result, the sweets are then fermented and produce an anti-inflammatory effect. Its desired result is not contained in the gastrointestinal tract alone because it also acts on cardiovascular tissues.


Aside from adding zest to your dish, miso contains good bacteria that can help in digestion. It is essential in the metabolization of proteins, carbohydrates and fats because of its Aspergillus content.

Other foods that are great for your gut health also include Sourdough bread, Sauerkraut, Kombucha tea and yes – Kimchi!

 So before you take another bite out of your next meal when getting takeaway, make sure you question, how it was made, what was added to make it taste like that and most of all, will it be beneficial to my overall gut health?

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