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Certified Organic food over non-organic food

Certified Organic food over non-organic food


Processed food versus certified organic food? Take away pizza or a home-cooked meal? Healthy over unhealthy food? When you put these options in the simplest manner possible, it makes choosing healthy, home-cooked organic food easier to choose. 

But more often than not, the choice isn't so clear-cut. So if you're one of those who are still struggling, allow us to encourage you and lead you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Why Go Organic?

  • It may sound cliché but it’s healthier. Organic vegetables and fruits are grown without harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers. What does this mean? It means that organic food has less chemical components and therefore, healthier for you. Consuming to much chemicals over a long period of time can only mean one thing, and it’s not good!
  • More nutrient dense, healthier you. Based on studies, organic food has higher nutrient content- minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and enzymes than commercially grown produce. An example of this is our Centrifuge extracted Virgin Coconut Oil which contains more than 62% Lauric Acid. Due to our minimal processing and harvested and grown in rich soil away from chemicals our Virgin Coconut Oil is not only beneficial for you but also the environment. 
  • Organic food tastes better.Thanks to nourished, well-balanced soil, organic plants are stronger and healthier which in turn produce nutrient-filled and tastier vegetables and fruits.
  • Always look for certified organic foods.Organic food goes through a certification process to ensure that it’s 100% organic. Farmers need to obtain an organic certification before it can be marketed and sold to the public. This ensures that the organic food consumers purchase are safe and healthy. Jimalie Coconut products are certified with Australian Certified Organic (ACO)
  • It’s environmentally-friendly and therefore, promotes sustainability.Since organic produce does not use artificial fertilisers and pesticides, it has less negative impact on the environment. This helps maintain biodiversity and foster healthy soil and growing conditions.

Choosing organic food is a great first step in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The best thing about this is that organic food is now more accessible than in the past. More and more restaurants and groceries offer organic food due to an increased demand globally. General rule of thumb is to find the time to look for quality organic food, as well as invest the time in creating meals from scratch.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to stock up on your favourite organic vegetables and fruits and begin your journey to living a healthier and happier you.

Side note: Our Centrifuge Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut oil for the skin, Coconut Amino Sauce, Coconut Nectarand Organic Coconut Sugarare organic certified. Our Coconut wraps and Coconut MCT oils & powders use organic coconuts.

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