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How to choose the Best Virgin Coconut Oil

How to choose the Best Virgin Coconut Oil

There is no price for good health and a happy life; hence, it’s imperative that we only choose quality products for ourselves and our family. And when it comes to food, organic products like virgin coconut oil are just the right choice.

However, not all virgin coconut oil is created equal. So how do you distinguish the good ones from the bad? Here’s our checklist:

Virgin coconut oil should taste and smell like freshly dehusked coconut meat. Quality virgin coconut oil has a distinct and faint coconut smell and aroma. If the virgin coconut oil has a nutty or roasted smell, it means that it has been heated close to 48 degrees. To increase coconut oil production, some methods include drying the coconut meat in heat lamps exceeding 60 degrees, generally this is no longer considered raw and often vital nutrients is lost, which defeats its purpose. In some cases, virgin coconut oil is tasteless and odorless which means there has been refined intervention and who knows what essential nutrients have been extracted. Make sure you keep these in mind before purchasing. Aim for a light coconuty aroma (almost a sweet smell).

Virgin Coconut oil should be colorless. High-quality virgin coconut oil should be colourless when liquid, with a viscosity that mimics water and should appear pure white in colour when at a solid state, generally under 18 degrees. Any discoloration either yellow or gray is a sign of contamination from smoke residue or mold. Stay away from any of these.

Know the extraction process. There are several ways to extract virgin coconut oil from coconut meat like centrifuged, cold-pressed or expeller-pressed. Each process affects the quality as well as the taste of virgin coconut oil. Cold-pressed and expeller-pressed use high temperature to extract coconut oil from the coconut meat. Always ensure that the extraction process is well under 44 degrees to be considered a raw product. More details about this can be found on a previous blog here.

Determine the refining process. Another key consideration when choosing quality virgin coconut oil is with the refining process. Refined coconut oil is generally bleached and deodorized and is exposed to high heat, which makes it odorless and tasteless. Sodium hydroxide is often added to prolong its shelf life. Unrefined, on the other hand, are made from pressing fresh and raw coconut without the use of chemicals. To ensure top quality virgin coconut oil that is beneficial for your body, always look for ‘unrefined’. Jimalie Virign Coconut Oil is a ‘wet milled’ process meaning we use only fresh meat, with no drying involved.

Price makes all the difference. Quality virgin coconut oil is admittedly more expensive than other variety. This is primarily because it takes longer to produce and is given more care when preparing to ensure its quality is top-notch; hence, the slightly higher price tag. Not to mention on an economical / scalable sense, we can only produce 20MT of Centrifuge Virgin Coconut oil per month, in comparison to almost triple the expeller press output.

Information is key to making good choices especially when it concerns our health. Take time to read the labels and ask questions about a product before purchasing. Virgin Coconut oil is no exception. As a rule of thumb, always ask, where is the coconut oil sourced (is it fair trade and organic), who has created the products (individual farming communities or large corporations) and how the coconut oil is made (are they using chemicals or have they created shortcuts to increase production amount).

Jimalie provides Australia’s freshest tasting virgin coconut oil. Our cold-processed centrifuge extracted virgin coconut oil delivers high quality grade coconut oil throughout Australia. We ensure we only use 10-month-old (hand pick) organic coconuts from fair-trade farms, dehusked within 48 hours from when we cut them down the trees and bottling the pure coconut oil in glass jars within 1 hour of opening. Shipped within a week from production to ensure it hits the shelves as fresh as possible. For more information about what makes Jimalie virgin coconut oil stand out above the rest click here. Or shop today.


About the Author: Victoria graduated at the Australian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney and has a Bachelor of Business from the Australian Catholic University. Victoria is the co-owner of Jimalie Coconut Products. More information about her on her website

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