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Gratitude and kindness a day, goes a long way.

Gratitude and kindness a day, goes a long way.

*Image was taken from the very farm where our coconut amino sauce and condiments range is grown and made.

It's been exactly two years since we had the opportunity to bring the kids with us to the Philippines. Although they’ve been there many times over, this time we felt they were the perfect age to appreciate the culture. They were able to visit the province and learn how organic farms operate which I’m sure gave them more appreciation of where their food comes from.

Sadly though, a part from being on holiday mode, they saw first-hand what poverty looks like, witnessing 2 children roughly their age (6-9 years) begging for food outside a fast food restaurant in Davao with no parent in sight. Naturally they were saddened as the feeling of hopelessness was felt inside our car as we drove by. Our driver said it’s illegal to give them money in Davao (and for good reasons which I can’t elaborate more here) although thankfully the guard gave them food as we drove off.

I remember visiting the city of Panabo in Davao when I was 10 years of age travelling with my dad. We ate at a small shabby looking eatery from a vendor, after completing our food we said thank you, paid and left. I remember peering back taking no less than 10 steps and seeing much younger children pick off the remains of the food we left on the table. At the time I didn’t give it much thought, I just remembered looking up at my dad, and with sadness in his eyes we walked off. Unknowingly, experiences like this shaped me later in life, and there are certain values about what my father allowed me to see regarding helping the poor. For example, every trip to the Philippines when we were younger included a box of unwanted clothing from his children and a box of Corn Beef and Spam (yes you heard that right!) so that he was able to give them to families near our coconut farm who were less fortunate.

As much as we are passionate about offering you with quality coconut products from the Philippines, the name Jimalie represents core values surrounding our 3 F’s – Food, Farmer, Family. These 3 F’s are a reflection of the values my father had for those less fortunate and is a key driver to what we represent in Jimalie.

Food – represents the earth and the nourishment we are gifted from the environment.

Farmer – represents the appreciation of community and the farming families behind the scenes producing quality products.

And then there’s Family – represents appreciation, respect and love to all.

The 3 F’s combined equates to what my father always was about, ‘Gratitude’. Forever thankful for what we have, for the challenges and for the good times. Remaining humble, be at peace with the environment, being spiritual and caring for others.

We want you when you buy one of our products, to be reminded of how very lucky you are. And to be appreciative to those who love you and most of all show gratitude each and every day, especially in todays changing world, a bit of kindness and being thankful goes a long way. 

More about our 3F's here.

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