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Coconuts into kids diet

Coconuts into kids diet


The use of different coconut products has been gaining popularity over time, with many people incorporating their use on a daily basis. These products are quite varied but the one that stands out the most is Organic Virgin coconut oil which can be used by both adults and children. Using virgin coconut oil is good for the body because of the many benefits it offers its users. Studies have found that these benefits include increased metabolism, improved food digestion, healthier hair, thyroid function support, immune system boost, and yeast infection treatment among others. It is for these reasons that many parents are deciding to start incorporating various coconut products into their kid's lives so that they can start enjoying the advantages early in life.

Although not all coconut products are recommended to be used by children, there are some that have proven to be effective when introduced gradually. Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Coconut wraps, and coconut milk are such products that can be added to a kid’s diet in a number of ways, which include:

  1. Daily meals

Cooking meals for your children with organic virgin coconut oil is one of the easy ways of incorporating coconut products in their diet. If possible, replace industrialized cooking oils such as canola oil with virgin coconut oil which is much healthier when used in a number of foods especially in cooking. Virgin Coconut Oil is much more stable at high heat than most industrialized cooking oils. Virgin Coconut oil can also be used when baking thereby ensuring an all-round use of the healthy oil. In addition, using coconut milk in cooking creams or soups makes them thicker and tastier for children that may have a hard time taking in soups.

  1. Healthy snacks

Apart from cooking daily meals with organic virgin coconut oil, it can also be added to healthy drinks such as yogurt and smoothies. In addition, homemade candy can also be made using coconut oil to make them healthy and improve their flavor as well. Most times, children do not even notice the addition of the oil but reap its benefits in their body all the same. For more recipe ideas please click here.

  1. Eating raw coconuts

Although coconuts are introduced in the diets as a number of products, they can also be eaten raw. The part of the coconut that is usually eaten is quite soft and can be chewed on by children thereby getting all the nutrients they need in the body. In addition, children can also drink coconut water and coconut milk that is homemade as a drink alongside their breakfast meal every morning.

  1. Oral hygiene

Cleaning your kid’s teeth with virgin coconut oil alongside your regular toothpaste ensures that they are sparkling and all bacteria are eliminated. There is a method also where you place virgin coconut oil in the mouth for at least 5 minutes, this is an ancient technique called oil pulling.  The oil is known to help in removing impurities and illuminate bacteria, aiding in gum health.

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