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Coconut Products Australia – Jimalie’s 3 F’s

Coconut Products Australia – Jimalie’s 3 F’s


Although we are a small business, we aim to make a big difference! Jimalie Coconut Products is a proud 100% owned Australian business with grass-roots connections to coconut farms in Southern Philippines. Our core beliefs are focused around what we call the 3 F’s. This being Food, Farmer, Family.  


Quality. Affordable. Unique.

We understand what Australian family’s value, because like you, we appreciate quality without having to pay too much. Although we are a small family-owned Australian business, we are proud to offer truly unique and nutrient dense coconut products for you and your family to enjoy.


Honest. Fair. Sustainable.

As thirdgeneration coconut farm owners, we truly value a hard day’s work, that’s why we have dedicated our brand image to honour the hardworking people who have contributed to providing you with quality coconut products. Collectively we all benefit, not only are you consuming nutrient rich coconut products but more importantly you are supporting coconut farmers who have dedicated themselves to providing you with certified organic produce and actively practice sustainable farming methods. We take it a stepfurther by ensuring fair trade practices are being met at small communities and where we can, we source only eco-friendly packaging materials to contribute to the quality of life for future generations. By taking small but positive changes now, we know will make a big difference tomorrow.


Health. Love. Happiness.

Like you, we share a commonality to offer our children only the best in life. For our family, this means living an active lifestyle and allowing our children to appreciate the qualities of nature and its importance to nourish and cleanse our bodies. We are proud to be a coconut brand that contributes to the livelihood of your growing family and the families of Australia.



The Jimalie brand is themed around unique illustrations that represent the farmer and the land. We promote transparency in our business with a strong focus on sustainable farming practices and fair trade. In line with this ethos, we choose where we can quality eco-friendly packaging materials, making the entire product not only good for you but for the environment. For more of our values, please read more here.

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