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4 Tips to keep your family active

4 Tips to keep your family active

Technology has made a lot of things a lot simpler and convenient for us. You can do virtually anything from paying your bills to even shopping with just a few mouse clicks. And for parents who juggle work and home, these technologies and gadgets can be a life-saver. Not to mention that gadgets tend to keep the kids distracted and less likely to demand a lot from you which can be difficult to handle after a long day at work.

But as much as we love our gadgets and the convenience of technology, it’s always a good idea to be out and about every now and then. Staying active in this technology-driven and fast-paced life is a must especially if you want to keep your family healthy at all times.  But getting your family active can be a challenge so we’ve prepared some tips for you.

  • Plan outdoor activities. Set aside a time within the day or a day for your family to do outdoor activities together. You can go walking, biking or swimming depending on the season and of course, the preference of your family. Make sure that it’s something everyone can enjoy together. Don’t forget to prepare healthy snacks as well to complement your activity. It doesn’t have to be long; we recommend at least an hour of activity minimum. 
  • Take classes together. Nowadays, getting fit is no longer just a fad that got started because of a celebrity. It is a legitimate answer to a growing concern on health problems associated with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. That’s why it’s great to note that most fitness centers and yoga studios now offer classes that cater to couples and families. You can take advantage of this and enroll your family in an aerobic, zumba or even a yoga class. Not only will this keep your family healthy, it makes working out more fun when done with the kids. Our family enjoys a home yoga session or two every week.
  • Make household chores fun. Instead of making your kids do their chores alone, why not make it a family time? Turn simple chores into a game. For example, you can make your kids race who gets to clean their rooms faster, and then try to beat their old-time next week. You can also work on chores together like doing the laundry and folding the clothes. Your family is active plus you get the chores done quicker. Win-win! Ok I tried to make this sound simple, but in reality, this could be challenging, so perhaps best to work at it and there will be a silver lining that will benefit everyone, each family is different.
  • Limit screen time. Set a time limit on how long your family can use the computer or their smartphones/tablets. You can wean them away from their gadgets by proposing to play a game of catch or basketball at the yard. If you’re going grocery shopping, you can take your family with you but leave their gadgets at home. The kids often scooter at the park or run around the yard when not in front of the gadgets. They will value you informing them of the benefits of being outdoors and being active.

Staying active and healthy these days can be a challenge but with a little determination and a whole lot of love from your family, it can be done. Stay on track and just have fun!

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